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About Our Company

Home to several sovereignties, India has always been known for its delicacies. Tenderness, warmth, and years of practice have trickled down through generations making Indian food so enticing. 

It is remarkable how our country is so diverse, and even more astonishing how the colourful culture is portrayed beautifully through the lens of food. Laced with panache, traditional Indian cuisine never fails to surprise us with unique flavours, colours, and memories. 

Misri K’la brings you the juxtaposition of traditional delicacies with a global touch giving you the best of both worlds. Brand Misri K’la is synonymous with heritage with novelty. Misri is the final touch to a hearty lunch or dinner, and Kala is a handcrafted art. Luxury and taste infused with art are what Misri K’la intends to bring to you. Art has evolved, and so have traditional cuisines. The brand is built on the foundation of returning the recent culinary experience with a touch of modernity. 

A luxury catering service offering authentic Indian food with new-age recipes, Misri K’la, creates a perfect balance between the world and your roots. Misri K’la presents top-notch services bringing you the best quality dishes with complete hygiene. In the quest for rejuvenating and reinventing authentic Indian cuisines and desserts, Misri K’la strives to add a new savour to them. Taste, luxury, and trust come together to make the brand Misri K’la.

Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision defines us as a brand and our approach which will lead to future progress


Misri K'la believes in making your celebrations noteworthy. Customer satisfaction is what Misri K'la thrives for. We want to provide exceptional value and experience in all your moments. It is the onus of the brand to show what customers mean because our customers make us everything that we will ever be. The mission is to make the customer believe that if the catering and cuisine are in our hands, then that particular aspect of the event has been handled.


Misri K'la is not your ordinary catering service but a luxury catering service with novelty food. The brand brings you the taste of traditional Indian food with a global touch to give you the best of both worlds. Our vision is to be the one-stop luxury catering brand that people can count on for quality, service, and dependability. Misri K'la also envisions giving Indian traditional food a global appeal and catering to various audiences across the country.