Quality & Hygiene

Quality and Hygiene

The power of food to bring people together cannot be overstated. The key to a successful event is not simply catering but catering to all our guests’ needs and making them feel welcomed and comfortable. In catering, food safety is of utmost importance. Misri K’la leaves no stones unturned in ensuring good quality and hygiene for the guests.

Misri K’la takes the first steps in upholding hygiene while purchasing quality raw materials and employing fully vaccinated staff. Adhering to the guidelines set by the FSSAI, we ensure that the guests are assured of the commitment we bring to the table. We aim for spotless, sparkling plates and cutlery before and after each event.

Misri K’la believes everyone should access the necessary hygiene products like disposable gloves and hair nets. Therefore, we ensure that all staff members involved in cooking and serving must wear clean uniforms and follow food safety protocols. The clothes and tea towels used are washed regularly. Misri K’la ensured clearing away fallen crumbs and spilt food, and maintaining a clean service station.