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Muskaan Aggarwal


Muskaan Aggarwal

Muskaan Aggarwal, the Founder of Misri K’la, is the mind behind the brand’s inception. Muskaan was born and brought up in the quintessential big joint family of foodies, hailing from the land of kings, Rajasthan. Her roots are in Bikaner, Rajasthan, and her home is a heaven for Rajasthani food. Gatte ki sabzi, daal baati choorma, raab khakhra, sangri, pathod ki sabzi, and aamras are dishes that are close to her heart. Her love for these delicacies was so strong that she decided to learn to cook. Otherwise, she wouldn’t stay away from home for too long. Her passion for food was always in the front as she ate everywhere, from questionable pani puris and momos on the streets to eating a la lux at Bukhara or Dum Pukht.

During her studies in the UK, she fell in love with the kitchen. She and her flatmates, being Indians, sought Indian food. She made everything from scratch: even pani puri on days of homesickness. She returned home early due to Covid-19, but the cooking streak continued, and it has materialized into the desire to cook for everyone. Having burned her eggs on day one to prepare an entire menu for her friend’s date whom he wanted to impress, Muskaan’s love for food and cooking has grown over the years.

Muskaan is a big believer in the saying, ‘Man maketh habit, then habit maketh man. She believes this holds very true with business practices and perception as well. A business with the tradition of providing excellent quality and service every time cannot be wiped out from society. 

Jyoti Aggarwal

Jyoti Aggarwal, the Co-Founder of Misri K’la, is the mind behind the conceptualization of modernizing the Indian food catering scene. Jyoti  got married when she was very young to a quintessential joint Indian family. This was when her journey with the food started. She learned how to make complicated traditional Rajasthani recipes from scratch for 15-20 people at a time with relatively limited resources. She managed her personal and professional life with finesse. Her career ranged from modelling to running a diamond grading institute. After studying astrology and becoming a certified gemologist, she was a one-woman army handling everything from teaching to grading to reporting. 

Being from a traditional Jain family, the idea of onions and garlic in the household was abhorred. Her childhood had her cooking Jain food as she left guests amazed with recipes with packs of flavour despite not having onion, garlic, or even ginger. After her marriage, she found steps in the kitchen as she cooked for the masses in one go. Her in-laws being hardcore Rajasthani, she strode her way into the traditional Rajasthani food like gutte ki sabzi, daal baati choorma, raabkhakra, sangri, pathod ki sabzi, and aamras, which are home staples and are complicated basics. That is how Jyoti started her epicurean journey. 

In a quest to uphold the traditions of our country, she wants to bring a sense of home to food wherever she goes. She wants to show that food in India is the actual labour of love performed by the ladies for their family day in and day out.

Jyoti-Aggarwal Misrikla Founder

Jyoti Aggarwal